Book in seconds - any time, any place!

Enter the booking code for your provider and press Go. If it's your first booking, we'll email you a token to access bookings immediately. But after that, booking is as simple as clicking the day you want and confirming.

CareBookings works well on smartphones too, so you can make or cancel bookings in seconds, wherever you are. Or if your provider doesn't use CareBookings yet, let them know what they are missing!


Make bookings easy - for parents and for you.

Parents love CareBookings, because they can manage their bookings from their PC or smartphone - which saves your staff hours on the phone.

That means CareBookings will save you hours on the phone. And instead of a notebook filled with illegible names and crossings-out on the front desk, your bookings are neatly displayed on the computer and the printed day-sheet. You can still take phone or face-to-face bookings, and now you can manage your bookings from anywhere - even at home!

You can have a free 7-day trial up and running in just a few minutes. If you like what you see, it only costs $195 for schools and $395 for commercial users a year.

Find out more about CareBookings, contact us if you have any questions, and sign up for a free trial to see how CareBookings will revolutionise your bookings.